Texas Prison Women
Parole Release Support
Linda Jean Branham

Bio: Born in 1951, was a resident of Denton, TX.
She has been in and out of the Texas Department of Corrections system since 1977 of involuntary man slaughter. Linda has been at the Gatesville Unit since 1991. While in prison, Linda started an In-House newspaper called Beyond the Wall. She has also been active in teaching Health Education to the other inmates.
In 1999, the Pate Family started working with and funding Linda on furthering her higher education through Central Texas College.
Linda's first parole eligibility will be in late 2005. She has applied to parole to a halfway house in Houston, TX. The Pate Foundation will continue to support her financially in her transition into society.
Cumulative Funding Contributions to Date:

Keisha M. Walker (pictured with her father and oldest son, Jordan)

Bio: Born in 1970 and daughter of a U.S. Military family, Keisha has two sons, Jordan and Eric. She was incarcerated into Texas Department of Correction system in 1998 for aggravated kidnapping and bank robbery.
While in the TDC Mt. View Unit, Gatesville, Keisha has mastered the highest level of Braille translation and performed Braille transcription on a regular basis.
Since 2003, our family has been working with, and funding Keisha on furthering her higher education and has reached her goal of becoming a member of the National Braille Association. Keisha has now attained 42 hours of college credit with a G.P.A. of 3.4 through Central Texas College.
The Pate Foundation will be assisting Keisha upon her paroles and helping her transition into the Dallas/Fort Worth area and getting back with her sons.
Cumulative Funding Contributions to Date:




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